Our data solutions ensure that the most important insights are captured and are available for immediate implementation. We utilize  advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning to give our customers the most effective results and a return on investment. Our digital strategy includes an in-depth analysis of the operating environment which allows us to leverage cyber and cloud exchanges that improve air, sea, space, and ground-based assets.


Our capabilities include rapid prototyping, software development, and testing within an engaging user experience. This approach mitigates program risks and accelerates the delivery of mission-critical solutions.

We provide unbiased operational awareness and enhance situational awareness through our Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach. This allows for realistic modelling and the acceleration of the design process for adaptable C5ISR, training, and space systems. We also act a neutral partner and guide our clients through complex acquisitions with the goal of streamlining processes and elimination barriers. By working in lockstep with our customers we deliver repeatable, cost-effective solutions that address any mission or national security challenge.

We harness performance data and apply business intelligence to allow our customers access to real time information.