company culture

DLS Engineering is a team made of individuals coming together to share their expertise and make a difference. We are determined to create a welcoming atmosphere for women and minorities; and dedicated to finding hidden talent and people who are looking for a long-term career path.

Our Community Is Comprised of:

  • 90% Veterans
  • 80% Female Corporate Leadership
  • 100% Subject Matter Experts

Company Culture

Government Contracting is a unique industry. Many people do not know of its existence until they are a part of it. There are many ways that your expertise and knowledge can fit into this industry. Contracting is not about bringing people up through a military track – the government reaches out to commercial businesses because they need fresh, forward thinkers.

Contracting is about helping the government—it’s about something bigger than yourself.

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Dedicated to a Bigger Picture

DLS Engineering invests in developing thought leaders in our workforce and community. We are looking to mentor and hire the next generation. We offer professional certifications and educational growth opportunities because we want to:

  • Analyze and solve National Security implications.
  • Help Veterans transition into new careers.
  • Create diverse opportunities that allow you to apply your capabilities into areas beyond your imagination.
  • Develop a community where there’s always new opportunities and new ways to learn; and engage a mind that is always searching and expanding its personal skill set.
  • Help you feel like a vital part of the team. We work with many defense departments. This helps you understand what’s happening globally, develop deeper insights, connect the dots, and create strategies that will last going forward.
  • Provide a space where you can use your expertise in any industry—medical, space, video, innovation, etc.
  • Contribute to the next generation of aircraft and pilots.
  • Approach contracts with an innovative mindset. Every contract has its own needs and requirements. We want to provide our clients with innovative solutions that analyze the situation from multiple perspectives.
  • Help you feel like a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Provide you with an avenue to use your entrepreneurial spirit and create the career you want.

DLS Engineering contributes to local and national organizations and promotes a culture of Innovation, Empowerment, Excellence and Integrity.

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