company culture

DLS Engineering is a team of highly skilled experts who have come together to utilize their specific skills to make a difference. We create a welcoming atmosphere for all and are dedicated to identifying the hidden talents in each team members to grow those skills for a long-term career. The Government is an incredible space to for unique talents, dedicated workers, and visionary leaders.

Our Community Is Comprised of

  • 90% Veterans
  • 90% Female Leadership
  • 100% Subject Matter Experts

Company Culture

Fresh perspectives, problem solvers, responsible team members, and a passion for staying curious are all the elements of our corporate environment. We are goal driven with an understanding, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  We find that many don’t know Government Contracting exists, but once they do, they see the vast opportunities in—Intelligence, Technology, National Security, Medical Developments, Space Exploration, Visual Production, Innovation, Crypto, Cyber, etc. There are many ways that your expertise and knowledge fit this industry.

Dedicated to a Bigger Picture

We are a company aligned with the mission of working for purpose bigger than ourselves. Without the incredible talent of our team, we would not be the industry leader we have grown to be. Investing in the inherent strengths of our employees and providing a management style that encourages their leadership development is our contribution to introducing the next wave of talent into the Government. At DLS, we:

  • Approach contracts with a fresh mindset to create cost efficient solutions.
  • Have a sense of professional pride in our contribution to the betterment of our nation.
  • Create diverse opportunities that allow each other the ability to grow professionally into areas beyond our original imagination.
  • Transition Veterans into new careers.
  • Understand the global implications of their jobs and help develop deeper insights and solution-based strategies that will endure in the future.
  • Actively create a supportive atmosphere encouraging new opportunities and educational growth.

DLS Engineering contributes to local and national organizations and promotes a culture of Innovation, Empowerment, Excellence and Integrity.


Visit our Careers page to learn more about how you can get involved.